Dog collar

from € 30

Hand-crafted dog collar from vegetable tanned leather.

Possible with name plate.

Luxury design with white stitching. Available in the colours black and brown.

€30 for Jack Russel, other sizes on request.


€ 49,95

Hand-crafted belt with fancy lining, available in different sizes.​

Available in the colours black and brown.


€ 25

Bracelet with clasp.


Available in the colours black, different shades of brown, grey, blue, white, green, red and more.


€ 135

High quality hand-crafted anti-slip reins. With vegatable leather fronts and martingale stoppers.

Customizing possible with name.


€ 250

Surcingle with 2 girths. Handmade with strong, heavy leather. Flexible on the top. Fits every horse. With inox rings and buckles.

Wine List Cover

€ on request

Hand-crafted wine list cover from vegetable tanned leather with nameplate. Fully customizable.

Luxury design, only on request.